Individual Therapy

Individual therapy offers time and space apart from the usual rhythm of your life.  Your experience and concerns will be heard with deep listening and non-judgmental interest.  My goal is understand you and how you see your situation.  As we work together you will come to know yourself much better.  Increased self awareness is the path to change in relationship and behavioral patterns, enabling you to have more of the life you want.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a powerful and cost effective modality for helping people accomplish their relationship goals. Groups are powerfully helpful for diminishing isolation and shame, while developing self compassion, new interpersonal skills, and improved relationships at home and at work.  As a Certified Group Psychotherapist I have extensive experience creating safe and productive groups.

Couples Therapy

There is no single catalyst that brings a couple to therapy but in my experience most have the desire to improve their relationship and stay together.  For over 35 years I have helped couples move through and beyond anger, resentment, mistrust, and hopelessness toward a reinvestment in their relationship; not because their spouse/partner wants them to or because they think they should, but because they genuinely want to.

Should a couple decide to resolve their distress through separation, I remain available to assist them in that process or with co-parenting issues when there are children involved.

For Therapists: Experiential Process Groups

            Authenticity: The Therapist’s “Lived Experience”

As it unfolds in real time, all experience is authentic and subjective. As therapists, it’s vitally important that we attend to our own in the moment experience and use it responsibly with clients. Since psychotherapy is essentially relational, it’s also vital to build an alliance with clients that supports their awareness and expression of their own lived experience. Through group process and clinical material this group will focus clinicians on better understanding and responsibly utilizing their own “in the moment lived experience” both professionally and personally.

You may be a relatively inexperienced therapist interested in developing a better understanding of who you are as a therapist and how that influences your work.  More experienced clinicians usually seek process group experiences to revitalize their work or to focus on a particular patient impasse or quandary.