Individual, Groups, Couples

My Orientation
Unhappiness is a natural part of life. Whether you are feeling depressed, or anxious, or having relationship problems, I speak to you as a person like myself, not as a diagnostic category or a list of symptoms. I want people to feel deeply understood through the psychotherapy process.

The Process
In the type of psychotherapy that I offer, we discuss your life in a relaxed conversational way. Through our discussions, you will come to understand why you feel, think and behave the way you do. Your unhappiness begins to make sense to you in the context of your particular life experiences.

The Goal
No one can choose to change things about themselves that they cannot see.  We all have blind spots.  If will power were enough you would have made these changes long ago. As we work together, your self-understanding will grow. New perspectives and options will emerge that were obscured and unavailable to you before, placing you in a position to make new choices for your life. This not only reduces your pain or fear, but also makes it possible for you to create a more sucessful and gratifying life. Guiding people through this transformative process is my life’s work.

Next Step
You don’t have to go it alone or reinvent the wheel. I’m trained to help people and have been doing so for over 35 years. Life is short. It is too costly to resign yourself to live a painful, unhappy, and unfulfilled existence. Call me to set up a consultation appointment and we will begin.

Note to Therapists:  I provide individual and group consultation to clinicians at all levels of experience.  Please see the “Services” page for detailed explanation and information.