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My Orientation
Unhappiness is a natural part of life but shouldn’t outweigh the joy and satisfaction that life can offer. Whether you’re feeling depressed or anxious or having relationship problems, I talk with you person to person not as a diagnostic category or a list of symptoms. My task is to hear you well and understand how you see the issues that bring you to therapy.

The Process
No one can know how to arrive at their chosen destination until they know where they’re starting from. If I want to end up in New York City it matters greatly whether I’m setting out from Austin, Texas or Milwaukee, Wisconsin. By understanding where you’re starting from in a deep and personal way, you will come to see how your current approach to your pain and worry may actually be keeping you from the relief you seek.

The Goal
The goal of therapy is to identify old, dead end paths and to replace them with new or previously obscured paths, making it more possible to have the successful life and quality relationships that you seek. Guiding people through this transformative process is my life’s work.

Next Step
You don’t have to go it alone or reinvent the wheel. I’ve been helping people achieve change for 40 years.  Call me to set up a consultation appointment and we will begin.

Note to Therapists:  I offer experiential process groups for clinicians at all levels of experience. These groups focus on relational process through the lens of  “in-the-moment lived experience”.  In the podcast interview (link below) I discuss the relationship between therapists whose work is grounded in “responsible authenticity” and the transformative potential of therapy.